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Pratyancha has always believed that fashion has been the binding element for all kinds of women, giving them a sense of individuality. Every nuance of her designs and collection is a melange of bold, thoughtful and timeless. Her contemporary designs are an ode to the modern women who are the trendsetters. From lavish glamour to funky chic, her brand crafts unique outfits to suit every taste! Pratyancha has always prioritized comfort and classic elegance, ensuring her outfits stand the test of time!

She wishes you a happy shopping with Elarra.


CA Pooja Maloo

Elarra has transformed my wardrobe into a masterpiece. Elarra has truly redefined my fashion experience, surpassing all expectations for quality and aesthetic appeal.

Preeti Bansal

The experience was very good.

The product fit was perfect and it was exactly Upto my expectations.

Aayushi Sharma

Elarra transformed my style completely. Their attention to detail and unique vision took my wardrobe to new heights. I've never felt more confident in my fashion choices. Thank you, Elarra!